How to win in 1xBet

To make a profit, you need to choose a strategy and follow it during the game. The most popular betting strategies:

  • System «Flat». The technique is based on a fixed bet amount. For the game, it is better to choose events for which the coefficient is approximately equal to two. The rate can be equal to a certain amount or a certain percentage of the Bank (for example, 1%).
  • Tactics «To Catch Up» (Martingale strategy). With this system, each subsequent bid is twice as high as the previous one. Most often, this technique is used in live. The scheme allows you to get a good profit, but it is associated with high risks.
  • System «+60%».The Bank is divided into several parts. The first bet is equal to 1% of the total amount, if it is lost, the player puts 4%, then 9%, 24% and 62%. If the bet is won, it returns to the value of 1%. The scheme is actively used by professional betters. It is often called the Golden Strategy.
  • Danish strategy. In this scheme, each subsequent amount is increased by the initially selected amount. After each loss, select an event whose coefficient is 0,5 higher than the previous one. The first bet must not exceed 1/20 of the Bank’s amount

There are also other strategies and 1xbet winning tricks. The choice of tactics depends on the player’s experience and sport. 

Useful advices

The following tips will help betters start winning:

  1. You should clearly adhere to the chosen strategy.
  2. The bet amount is chosen in such a way that you do not lose the entire Bank in several unsuccessful attempts. The recommended amount is no more than 5% of the total amount of the Bank. 
  3. It is best to choose the sport that you better understands.
  4. You should not trust the forecasts that are offered on the Internet. It is better to learn to analyze sports events independently and assume their outcome.

Is it possible to cheat or somehow hack the system

1xBet — a reliable bookmaker who pays great attention to the security of personal data. It is almost impossible to hack the system. Often new users are looking for an opportunity to cheat the bookmaker in some way. This is difficult to do. Occasionally, technical failures may occur on the site, leading to the placement of incorrect coefficients. In most cases, the problem is quickly solved, and bets made on incorrect coefficients are returned to the player.

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